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Since 2003, when we started our website, we have collected results of 1275 shows, from 21 countries with 4235 Borzois, judged by 428 judges from 46 countries illustrated with 14848 pictures.
Thanks a lot to everyone who contributes or have contributed.

If you have results or pictures of your or other Borzois during the whos to illustrate our results, also share them with us by or on our facebook page

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6-8-2022 Zehlendorf/DE CAC    
Mr. Nodalli Bruno/IT

6-8-2022 Haan-Hochdahl/DE CAC    
Mrs. Peschges Waltraud/DE

24-7-2022 Quiberville sur Mer/FR CACS    
Mr. Mattera Cassandre/FR

14-7-2022 Maltot/FR CACS    
Mrs. Bottussi-Jocquel Céline/FR

7-8-2022 Oldenburg/DE CAC CACIB    
Mr. Coppens Jan/NL

6-8-2022 Oldenburg/DE CAC CACIB    
Mr. Dux Hans-Joachim/DE

7-8-2022 Kleindöttingen/CH CAC    
Mrs. Vansteelant-Benoit Audrie/BE

7-8-2022 L'Isle Adam/FR CACS    
Mr. Klein Jean-Claude/FR

17-7-2022 Aurillac/FR CACS Spéciale Barzoï   
Mrs. Grisard Sandrine/FR

14-7-2022 Cressat/FR CACS    
Mr. Soulat Raymond/FR

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This homepage is dedicated to the memory of a 'once in a lifetime' Borzoi, unique and exceptionnel, Piatoi Polozovich de Xanishka, a born winner and multichampion; the one and only Borzoi in the history of the Belgian cynology who has won Best in Show at the Brussels Dog Show (in 2002).
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